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We are a group of volunteers working on supporting the Mozilla Project in as many ways as we can. There are a few contributors contributing to the Mozilla project from Zimbabwe.It is our opinion however that there are lots of passionate,capable and interested people in Zimbabwe. People who would find the Mozilla Project interesting, people who could contribute to it and most importantly, people who can learn from it. Our main oblective is to gather such ones and help them get involved.Our second objective is to contribute to the Mozilla Project as a team, as Mozilla Zimbabwe, instead of individual contributions. Our third objective is to support Open Standards and FOSS.

Who can join Mozilla Zimbabwe?

The simple answer is ANYONE can,well not really.There are conditions.We is a community of volunteers, so all the work we do is non-paid. If you can live with that, then do join us. This means you have to be willing to dedicate (some of)your time and energy to support us. We also love working with passionate people. So if you love the Web,love to Code, Design, helping out or just talking about tech, you will feel at home here.

Lastly we need to see your interest in joining. We will not force you to join the group or make you work under compulsion once you join. Just be interested and pitch in whenever you can!!!

Why should you contribute to the Mozilla Project?

1. You get to be part of a Global Community supporting a common cause: – making the Internet better place for everyone.

2. Acquire skills(it can be in any functional area)- Mozillians are good at what they do and they are willing to share their knowledge with you(usually). All you have to do is ask. This is great because you get the opportunity to work directly with professionals in the field.

3. You have the freedom to work on almost anything and everything (seriously).It could be the next big idea,a new feature for the Firefox browser,an add-on, an event, a poster design, a creative project …anything!!

4. Get to meet like minded people from around the world and develop friendship.

5. Get a Letter of recommendation, wouldn’t this look cool on your C.V/resume?

6. Chance to do internship at Mozilla Headqurters.

7. Get invited to the International meetings

8. And of course, be involved in shaping the future of the web.

Ok, I am interested. So, What’s Next??

Well,we are happy to hear that :) There are lot’s of different fields that you can contribute to. Your contributions depend on what interests you, your skill set or the amount of time you have at your disposal. There’s always lot’s to do. Listed below are some of the areas you can get involved in.

Area of Interest
You can build a better Internet by getting involved with Mozilla. You don’t have to be a C++ guru (or even know what that means!) and you don’t need to spend lots of time. Take a look at the opportunities below and feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Browse contribution opportunities by area of interest.
Helping Users
Interested in helping others get the most out of using Firefox and other Mozilla projects? Our support process relies on enthusiastic contributors like you. Find out more about supporting Firefox and Thunderbird users. You can also join our Army of Awesome by helping users on Twitter.

Testing and Quality Assurance
QA is one of the easiest ways to get started with Mozilla and is a great way to get familiar with our code and tools. Help us hunt down bugs in Firefox, test Mozilla web sites or learn more about other testing opportunities.

Developers can help Mozilla by adding new features, making our technology smaller and faster and making development easier for others. You can find many developers on IRC so stop by and ask questions to learn more. Our web sites are open for web ninjas to hack on too.

Marketing and Evangelism
Help us spread the word about how Firefox and other Mozilla projects are building a better Internet. Share Firefox with the world by becoming an Affiliate and then check out our Marketing Guide for more ways to get involved.

Get involved with Mozilla by making Firefox, Thunderbird and other projects available in your language. Also help us tell the world about how Mozilla is building a better Internet by translating content on our web sites.

Firefox and other Mozilla-based applications have a powerful extension system that allow you to make small tweaks or make major additions to your programs. If you’re new to this technology, learn how to build an add-on. For experienced developers, find out how to become an AMO editor.

Visual Design
We believe in the power of well-made and widely distributed art, and want to make it possible for artists to cover the web and people with designs inspired by Mozilla. Take part in a Creative Collective challenge or add a t-shirt design to our Community Store.

Developer Documentation
The Mozilla Developer Network is the hub for information about Mozilla technologies. Help make our documentation better by writing new content, correcting existing material or translating content into new languages.

Accessibility is about making things work for everyone. Help create tools and resources for Firefox end users with disabilities and help make web content available to non visual agents such as screen readers.

Systems Administration
Do you see yourself as someone who looks at the world a little different? Are ones and zeros constantly flying through your head? What we do as systems admins is we get to sit behind the scenes of the biggest entity in the world and keep the lights on. Join our mirror network or find out other ways to get involved.

User Research
Be part of the research team—whether you want to be a participant in an upcoming study, conduct usability tests on your own or analyze Test Pilot data—we’d love to have you join us!

Help build a generation of webmakers—moving people from using the web making the web—by teaching others how to code and how the web works. Explore what the Mozilla Webmaker project is all about or get started teaching others by setting up an event in your community today.

Things we are curretly involved in:

Gathering as many dedicated volunteers as we can is our primary target.

Educating people about the web; how it works and how to develop for it.

Some of the contributors in our team are working with the QA team to ensure that Mozilla sites are of the best quality.

We are actively translating the Firefox browser into Ndebele and Shona will follow soon. Join us and support us in our endevours.

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  1. Munyaradzi Chaunza wrote on :

    Very interesting and exciting. Have waited for this opportunity for a long time. Will most definitely join the team. Good work guys.


    1. Vuyisile wrote on :

      Hi Munyaradzi. Thanks for getting in touch. Your email has been received and I’ll follow up with next steps. Thanks for your interest in joining the team.


  2. Bhekimpilo Ncube wrote on ::

    great initiative, most def want to work with you guys!


    1. Vuyisile wrote on :

      We’re glad to hear of your interest Bhekimpilo. Please have a look at mozilla.org/contribute for ideas on how you can join Mozilla.


  3. Nyasha Madzokere wrote on ::

    hello, i am interested in joining this team and prepared to greatly enhance whatever you have managed to do thus far. The furtherance of Mozilla and its associated products in Zimbabwe is of great interest to me. I am an accomplished software engineer, proficient in 20 programming languages and run a vibrant blog https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCavWy4nZVkGO9KpnjUpnfVg/videos?spfreload=10 plus regularly post tutorials on computers, tech and coding on YouTube and other various platforms. Please advice me on what steps i should take next to participate.


    1. Zibusiso Masuku wrote on ::

      Thank you Nyasha, I am very pleased by your desire to take up this project and assist us in every way. Since you left us your emai, I will email you more info that will enable you to get up and running with our projects in no time. You are welcome… Enjoy your day.

      PS: I am very sorry for the late response


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